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Living Room 

- a 26", HD TV set with terrestrial television and foreign TV channels 

- an option to plug in one’s own digital decoder, for instance: NC+, PlayStation, Xbox - Wi-Fi 

- a 4-person couch allowing to sleep on it 

- a table and chairs to it 

- a TV cabinet 

- a HiFi tower 

- a wood-powered fireplace 

- a central heating heater 

- remote-controlled air conditioning 

- a closer with mirror sliding door 

- enclosed, automatic washing machine

Pullman Kitchen 

- drinking glasses, cutlery, plates, mugs - wine glasses 

- kitchen knives 

- a chopping block 

- a set of pots, a pan 

- kitchen utensils for cooking and frying - an electric kettle 

- a ceramic plate 

- a refrigerator with a freezer 

- a microwave 

- a dishwasher 


- a cupboard-mounted sink 

- a toilet 

- a mirror with shelves for cosmetics 

- a shower or a bathtub 

- a hair blow dryer 

- a waste container 

- a central heating heater and/or an electric heater - towels 


- a bedroom at the upper-floor 

- duvets, pillows, bed covers 

- double, 160/200 centimeter beds 

- two single 90/200 centimeter beds 

- comfort type mattresses 

- custom lighting 

- a chest of 6 drawers 

- a security gate for stairs 

- a central heating heater 


- wooden terrace furniture 

- lighting 

Other Amenities 

- a beach windbreak 

- an iron and a compact ironing board 

- mosquito nets, 

- a dustpan and a brush set

- a charcoal grill 

- wood for the fireplace 

- a surveilled parking place 

- a remote-controlled, automatic gate 

Additional Options 

- a cradle 

- a feeding chair 

- a dais to the sink for kids 



1. Hotel night is from 5PM to 10AM. 

2. A deposit toward contingent damage is charged at the time of checking-in.

3. On the day the stay ends at 10AM, the resort service staff inspects the cabin, check the Guests out and settle the deposit with the Guests. 

4. If you plan on getting checked-out before 10AM, we ask you notify the service staff about that  60 minutes in advance. 

5. The resort service can be reached 24/7 only by phone or text messages at: +48.502.792.287. 6. The lights-out period is from 10PM to 7AM. 

7. Individuals who are not checked-in can be present at the resort from 7AM to 10PM.

8. We provide a free of charge parking spot for one vehicle only, and parking of an additional  vehicle costs 30 Polish Zloty per 24h. 

9. It strictly prohibited to smoke either inside the cabin or within the playground area, and if  Guests do not adhere to the prohibition, they do so under penalty of losing their deposit.

10. We do not allow frying of fish. 

11. We do not accept animals. 

12. Using wood-powered fireplaces is not allowed from June to September.

13. Cabin doors and windows at the lobby must be shut when using air conditioning. 

14. Air conditioning must not be turned on while the Guests are absent. 

15. The cabin decoration and positioning of the individual pieces of furniture, especially of the beds in the bedroom, must not be changed. 

16. Only technically operational cars that no exploitation fluids leak out of can be parked at the  parking lots – the owner of the car will be charged with the costs of removing contingent  impurities. 

17. In respect of the safety of all of the individuals at the resort, all kinds of inflated child’s pools  can be filled with pure water and set on the lawn only when under constant supervision by the  custodians, and once the play is over, they must immediately be emptied of water. 

18. We inform our guests that both at the playground area and the play house area found may be  little items (parts of toys), that often are brought by Guests, that are not part of the accessories  belonging to the resort and that can be easily swallowed. 

19. We inform our Guests that the woodshed is not a place for kids to play at and to be cautious,  at the time of their stay, about the items left by Guests from other cabins, such as matches or grill fire starters (especially liquid ones), and store the abovementioned items protected against being accessed by kids. 

20. When at the playground, kids stay under the custody of adults who each time verify the  technical condition of the playground. Any technical failures that could have an impact on the  safety of the kids having fun at the playground must be immediately reported to the technical  service. 


Personal data will be processed for the purpose of making reservations, explaining the  circumstances of contingent violations of the Regulations or the provisions of law in force, and for  the purpose of considering possible claims for refund. In compliance with Article 13, Section 1 and  2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing  of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC  (General Data Protection Regulation), we hereby inform that: The administrator of the personal  data acquired in the process of making reservation, as understood by the provisions of the law  universally in force, is TERMO-VITA Maciej Biegański, Koralowa 5 Street, Kołobrzeg, 78-100 Postal  Code. The entity being in charge of processing the personal data is online booking  system, which belongs to the Roman Korczyński company, headquartered in  Jelenia Góra, 58-570 Postal Code, Młyńska 12A Street, hereinafter referred to as 

Personal Data 

For the purpose of making a reservation / issuing a sale document / checking-in at the resort  acquired are Guests’ personal data. Provision of the personal data is voluntary, albeit necessary in  order to carry out the reservation / checking-in process. Each Guest has the right of access to the  contents of their personal data as well as the right to correct, erase, or limit the processing of that  data. The consent for processing of such personal data can be withdrawn by sending an  appropriate e-mail message at:  

Obligations of the Administrator 

The Administrator assures that each Guest’s personal data is not provided to any third-parties, and  that they will undertake all the necessary measures and will guarantee to apply their knowledge  and experience in order to execute the assurance in question. The Administrator reserves the right  to provide personal data to the entities (sub-processors) authorized to be provided such data as 

well as in the events as foreseen by the provisions of the law universally in force. The said entities  include, in particular: Systems executing online payments and the reception desk software. The  Administrator is obliged to keep the information acquired for the purpose of making reservations  secret and confidential. The obligation undertaken remains in force for an indefinite period of  time. 

Obligations of 

As an entity processing the personal data of each Guest, guarantees to implement  adequate technological and organizational measures as well as additional information protections  based on verified servers and systems for processing of personal data in relation to services  provided by electronic means. hereby states that the information systems used for the  purpose of processing personal data meet the requirements as set forth by the provisions of the  law in force, particularly so that the said information systems are protected to a far extent, as  understood by the ordinance by the Minister of Interior and Administration of 29 April, 2004 on  the documentation of personal data processing, and technological and organizational conditions  which shall be met by devices and IT systems used for personal data processing. The  subcontractors and employees shall be aptly fixated for processing of personal data in relation to  the carrying out of the reservation process to which both the Administrator and Guests consent to. In order to assure the highest level of security in the area of storage of personal data, being  compliant with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, binds itself to assure: Encryption and anonymization of the transmission of personal data, constant keeping of the processing systems and services confidential, integrated, available and proof, the capacity of  fast restoration of the availability of the personal data and of access to that data in the event of  performance of either physical or technical and regular testing, measuring and evaluation of the  efficiency of the technological and organizational measures meant to guarantee the security of the  data processed. 

Final Provisions 

The Administrator is entitled to making changes to the provisions of the Regulations at any time and in their sole discretion. The Administrator can make changes to the provisions of the  Regulations particularly in the event: that becomes necessary to tailor the Regulations to the  absolutely effectual provisions or to the changes in the provisions of law having an impact on the  contents of the Regulations, that it becomes necessary to tailor the Regulations to a  recommendation, interpretation, ruling, decree or decision issued by a public authority, or a court  judgement, which has an impact on the contents of the Regulation or of expansion of or changes to  the operation of